INSEAD update

Just a quick update: INSEADers are great socialisers. We went out on Friday and Saturday and those taking the Business Foundations Course will have a dinner together on Sunday.
Since I’m local, I’ve helped my newly-arrived classmates with various things, mainly giving advice about where to buy things. As I don’t have a particularly strong sense of direction, it was amusing that I was now the one-eyed leading the blind, although I give thanks to Google Maps which is now my Oracle.
Ironically, being in Singapore for so long, we take some things for granted. Some classmates are fascinated with Singapore and I am glad to explain its history and culture to them – from Independence to Mas Selamat 😉
At the risk of sounding humorously stereotypical: The French are impressed at our efficiency and the fact that nobody seems to be going on strike. The Spanish have realised they cannot kiss and touch any stranger they’re introduced to immediately, although I quickly assured them that since we’re at INSEAD, the uber international school, we will not mind 🙂 The Westerners are now aware that they don’t need to tip for service. Another classmate just learnt that coffee, when ordered at a kopi tiam, comes with milk and sugar already added in it. It is such a fascinating series of ongoing observances that I must catalogue it.
I will be mentioning the rest of my business school experiences very briefly on this blog as most of my experiences will be recorded on the [INSEAD blog]( It’s for those who are interested in my life as an MBA student, those who wish to apply to INSEAD and those who are curious about studying business in a global environment.