I’ve changed the tagline of this blog because it is no longer daily. To think I had so much time in my younger days, and so much to say.
The crystal ball isn’t telling me what my future is, and I’m not sure if God is giving me a message or if it’s my imagination. All I can say right now is that I’ve had people wanting to help me, and I am thankful for it. I also need to be careful about who I trust, and because there is so much uncertainty there’s no point me saying much more.
Someone told me today that one must have a set of principles that cannot be compromised. After some thought, I’ve decided that my principles are:
– I will do work that is meaningful. I will not be cast into a two-dimensional role.
– I will engage with coworkers in a way that makes me glad to wake up each morning and head to the office.
– I aim to find the best possible fit within a reasonable time frame, and receive compensation that reflects my experience and qualifications.
– There must be career progression.
– I want to work for someone I respect, who can also teach me new things.
– As I’ve told a couple of interviewers already, I will not work for any tobacco company.
– I am willing to forgo opportunities that may only help me in the short term (i.e. taking a poor offer simply because I need the money).
What are your own principles on finding a job / having a career?