The news today

I’m still alive, really. We were at the driving range from 6 pm to past 8 pm, and I hit over 150 balls. This time I think my arms are going to ache because Scott corrected my swing and I wasn’t used to the new strain on my wrists and arms.
Before that, we were at Sim Lim, buying computer parts. Dad decided that Vicki, who just completed a computer building course, is to build my new computer as an early birthday present for me. Now that’s a surprise, because my birthday isn’t until May. But I’m not complaining. She needs some practical experience and I more RAM.
After returning home, I updated a few pages on the church website, then got hooked onto the Wolverhampton v Newcastle match. Now while I think pretty highly of Alan Shearer, the Wolves were deserved winners. They overcame their inexperience with sheer determination. Pity that a couple of Newcastle shots at goal actually crossed the line, but nobody noticed thanks to zealous defending.
Also if you read the Straits Times this Sunday you’d notice an article on the Alpha course on page 31 of Life!. After recently attending all 15 weeks of the course myself, I can say it is an excellent programme, and you won’t feel like you’re an outsider at all. You won’t be judged for not knowing the Bible or Christian practices. In fact Nicky Gumbel is so eloquent and witty, I split my sides laughing almost every week. I too was an unbeliever, just half a year ago.
Funny that detractors (according to the paper) describe his church as ‘gins and Jags’. Even if so, what’s wrong with saving the yuppies? Wealthy people need just as much spiritual guidance as the poor – if not more.
“Hey Martha, going to church? Tut tut, better take the bus – you shouldn’t be seen in a sports car.” How ridiculous.
And if the church is rich I see it as God’s blessing for having a flourishing ministry which has attracted many people – not as the result of coercion or corruption. I wonder if the same people could similarly criticise the Mafia and rogue governments for wealth accumulation.