Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!!!
I spent my new year’s eve at a family dinner, where we sang Karaoke Christmas Carols (unfortunately for the guests at a wedding dinner next door). My sister and I got away by singing George Michael’s Last Christmas, which had some semblance of ‘dignity’ compared with Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman (kiddy-style).
Then I fetched designer-chicks K and W. I think this year’s celebrations were generally subdued, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, we saw 2-3 road accidents and were thinking, what a way to begin the new year!
The most dramatic accident was along Napier Road, at about 11.30pm. A motorcycle had caught fire in the rightmost lane. The flames were big and orange and came out from the mid-section of the motorcycle (where the engine was). On the other side of the road were two men, looking shaken. I assumed one of them at least was on that motorcycle and had climbed out in the nick of time.
Further down the left side of the road was a white car filled with young men and women, looking worriedly at the burning motorcycle.
We went to Union to see party-animal G in action, counted down the final seconds of 2004, then headed off to M’s place, only to find out that M had ended the party. Having a problem staying up, M? 😉
Disappointed, we tried going to Zouk. The crowd was enormous. The car park was full. I think even the valets were overwhelmed. We decided not to bother getting in, and I turned the car around.
K and W, filled with Dutch courage, wanted to wind down my car windows and shout ‘SUCKERS!!!” to all the people queueing up on the pavement. I used my driver’s controls to override them for a while, but ultimately failed to stop them. Fortunately, my car was not pelted with stones or bottles. If you were at Zouk and heard something rude as you were standing in line, I apologise on behalf of my impudent friends, who deserve a spanking!
We drove to East Coast Park instead, and had non-alcoholic drinks, chatted, then went home.
I spent a good part of New Year’s Day unpacking boxes, spending time with extended family, playing the piano and meeting H for supper.
Today, I’m on duty at the office for a short while. Hope your weekend thus far has been meaningful.


  1. eskie

    ok… …
    that’s a crazy new year
    but u know if i were one of those suckers (indeed they were) queueing up at zouk, i’ll probably smile at you and continue queueing 😛
    although i’ve absolutely no idea why
    at least it was funny and gave me something to do while waiting right? lol

  2. Jia

    You were at Union? I walked right by it around midnight on my way to Scarlet Hotel. We were this close! Happy New Year to you too!

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