Packing list for Berlin

Clothes – mostly casual tees and jeans, because if I dressed too formally I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a blogger. Bringing a dress for the gala night, because I think Europeans will dress up nicely at such events. Will bring a light coat and a more heavy jacket for when the [Berlin weather]( gets a bit cooler and rainier. Bringing a small brolly too.
Footwear – sneakers and a pair of shiny heels for the gala night.
Geek stuff – MacBook Pro, extra battery, power cables with travel adapter (prediction: if there’s a power supply it’s going to be like SXSW all over again – lots of geek with thirsty laptops and not enough power points). Camera. Memory card reader with XPressCard slot inside my MacBook Pro (saves space and doesn’t use up my limited USB ports). 80GB iPod for music and 16GB iPhone.
Hmm will it be funny to be seen blogging live about HP products using my MacBook Pro? Well … we shall see.
Vitamins, medication, moisturiser, electric toothbrush…
A good book to read. May buy a mag or two at Terminal 3 later.
Meeting Melvin at the airport, and looking forward to meeting [Angus]( from Hong Kong as well.
Berlin, here I come!!!


  1. Jael

    hey hey
    have loads of fun! been wanting to email you but have been super duper busy… still in the midst of tidying my blog… will send the link to you when it’s ok.
    =) Jael (met you at the Mini event)

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