En route to Terminal 3…

The NTUC Comfort taxi driver taking me to Changi Airport wasn’t the usual uncle-type of person. He was young, inquisitive and made interesting observations instead of remaining sullenly quiet throughout the trip.
So I asked him how long he’s been working as a taxi driver. He said 2 months. I told him he didn’t seem like the usual taxi driver. He looked amused and said his other customers didn’t think so, either. He has other career aspirations but is planning to drive taxis until he gets a good offer.
Along the way he asked me questions like whether one could make a living out of blogging (my answer: in the US, if you’re like [Dooce](http://dooce.com/), yes, in Singapore, now) and I gave him insights on the rise of blogs as a complement to news media, and how sponsorships can affect a blogger’s credibility if neutrality or objectivity is sacrificed.
At the end of the journey, as he got my luggage out, he said, “Don’t forget to blog about your taxi driver.” I returned the smile and said, “I will.”


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