Reporting from London

I finally got my hands on a PC with an internet connection. The weather in Paris was more eccentric than what we know to be typical English weather. It was sunny, then suddenly cloudy and a torrential downpour, all in a matter of minutes. Fortunately the Louvre was excellent.
Madrid weather was brilliant, sunny and clear. Will report in more detail on these cities when I get back – my serviced apartment charges £2.50 per half hour!
London has been great. The entire nation was fixated on Wayne Rooney’s foot. Latest report in the tabloids is that he will be playing for the World Cup in the final stage. Received mixed reports of Theo Walcott’s performance, but generally sounds encouraging. Aaron Lennon’s got a clear nod of approval from the media.
It’s nearly midnight, GMT now … goodnight from the Docklands.