Canopy walk and war memorial visit

The beginning of the Canopy Walk
This morning, the Tan clan went for a canopy walk at Kent Ridge Park, followed by a visit to ‘Reflections at Bukit Chandu’ war memorial.
I liked the dog poo sign:
Just outside the museum, I decided to salute our brave troops.
Me joining the sculptures
From the title of the museum, you’d think the its displays would be pretty mild, until you see the pictures, videos and sounds of Japanese troops killing defence troops and civilians. I wonder how Japanese tourists would feel if they went to any war memorials in south-east Asia.
We learnt that this area, Bukit Chandu, was defended by a small number of Malay troops, who fought bravely against ten times as many Japanese soldiers. You can guess the inevitable outcome. I was fairly moved and feel that every young man should visit these war memorials before going for National Service!
Inside the museum was a guest book which had a mix of messages. Some thanked the troops and the museum for providing the information. One Irish lady had written that her father had fought in the army, and she had come here to honour the memory of the troops. However, I heard there were other comments saying this place was boring. That’s sad to hear. This is part of our heritage and certainly something we should be proud of.


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