back online!

After a series of errors, I have finally upgraded my blog to Movable Type 4.1! *fanfare*
It appeared that the main culprit was a corrupt database. Thank God that I didn’t lose my data and instead, the database was repairable. Phew!
The other cause was improperly uploaded files. As my FTP program kept timing out, I’d quit and re-open the program many times. As a result, the files weren’t necessarily uploaded properly and in the right mode. Even now, if I encounter a new error that’s linked to some MT file, I’ll re-upload it. So far that strategy has worked twice.
I’ve re-pointed my feed back to, so my dear subscribers, you don’t have to touch that dial.
The other good news is, since I was using CPanel to sort out my technical problems, I decided to take a look at my AWStats (as opposed to Google Analytics which I normally use). It seems there is a great discrepancy in the number of pageviews and visits from both programs. I would assume AWStats is more accurate as there are some areas of my website that don’t have Google tracking code installed.
According to AWStats, in Jan 2008 I had over 79,000 pageviews. My peak last year was during the SXSW period where I surged past 470,000 pageviews and over 11,500 unique visitors. This was much, much greater than I thought. Eventually, the numbers went back down to normal but now of course I am hoping for a repeat of last year’s response.
The last piece of news is that I’ve been accepted into the Forbes Business Blogging network. I have felt the need to re-focus my angle of writing and my own personal outlook back towards business, and I’m honoured to be part of this community.


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