Dinner at Geek Terminal

I haven’t been to [Geek Terminal](http://www.geekterminal.com/) in a while, but [Melvin](http://thepr2.0universe.com/) had cleverly suggested revisiting it with our newly-returned Wilson Tan, of [Dell Blog](http://direct2dell.com/) [fame](http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/12/10/37832.aspx).
Wilson and Melvin
When I arrived, the two guys were chatting to Danny, the owner. We had dinner together. He recommended the soft shell chilli crab pasta, which we all ordered, and we also had a bottle of Spanish red wine.
Softshell chilli crab spaghetti
He let us try the Italian Muscato, a sweet white wine, which was most refreshing.
Chicken pie
We also had the chef’s salad and sampled the chicken pie which was very wholesome.
Danny told us all about his coffee exploits and we were really moved by his passion for the subject. In the end, Wilson and I tried his coffee. It was the smoothest coffee we’ve ever tasted.
Me sipping my coffee
Me about to sip my coffee, with Danny behind.
[I shot a video of Danny explaining how to make the perfect cup of coffee, but it needs editing]
It was a fantastic dinner with great company and stimulating conversation, ranging from PR and marketing ideas to the F&B industry and my passion for search engine optimisation. We decided we could all be ‘geeks’ as long as we had a passion for something.
It was definitely a night to remember! Thanks guys.
[Update: To Derrick who [commented](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/02/dinner_at_geek.php#74246) on this post – Danny saw your feedback and would like to invite you over – coffee’s on him.]


  1. Derrick

    That’s a rather contrived definition of ‘geek’! The food looks good but I remember the service needs a lot of improvement.

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