Congrats to Rinaz!

I have been out of touch with happenings in the Blogosphere lately, but I’d like to send my rather belated congratulations to Rinaz for winning the award for Best Asian Blog 2007! Sorry Rinaz, I meant to give you my vote but was busy and forgot, and anyway it turns out you didn’t need my help 😛
If you some of the nastier comments on about Rinaz winning, you’d wonder whether the criteria for having the best weblog involves the blogger being super famous in Singapore. I certainly hope not. That would encourage local bloggers to become attention-seeking narcissicists, only interested in creating sensational news rather than writing anything of substance.
Anyway, among the Second Life Singapore and Ping communities, Rinaz is very well-known. I first knew of Rinaz via a trackback she sent me, and later on we met in real life for a gathering on Second Life (sounds ironic doesn’t it?). She turned out to be as fun in person as she was as an Avatar.
And Rinaz writes well and about interesting things, which I feel are important elements of a good blog. I was addicted to reading her story on how she travelled to a distant land to meet her dearest. How romantic! I haven’t felt so addicted to reading most other things online or offline.
So Rinaz, here’s my congratulations (also via Trackback, heheh).


  1. rinaz

    Gosh, thank you so much for such a heartfelt well wishes! I think this is one of the sweetest comment I had about the win 🙂
    I saw the comments in too and although I did anticipated the hate comments because everyone is subjective, but all of the negative comments were so childish that I just could not be bothered trying to reason with them!
    Anyway, thank you again. This post is making me fly on the air! Hehehehe!

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