New campaign and blog launch

We launched our new campaign for Fresh Air For Women today. I was glad that the press conference went fine. The team has been putting a lot of effort into the new website. We also set up a blog in the past week for TCS actress Yvonne Lim to keep a log of her quit smoking journey. We’ll see if she can do it in 30 days.
Frankly I hope she can keep blogging for longer but we’ll see if her busy schedule permits. I think she’s a very nice, down-to-earth person and wish her all the best. I was relieved that her English was good because my Mandarin sucks.
Not sure if I can post up any pics right now. Will do so if I have the time and clearance. Cheers.
Now, onward to launch the new church website this Sunday! From one marathon to the next.


  1. Guardian Angel

    Well good luck babe, I am sure you can do it with god looking after you.
    Btw, getting the new leopard?

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