My first sale!

A while back, I rekindled my experiment with having a store on, and designed some merchandise for my own store. I recalled Ivan being called a ‘Thinking Man’ by a journalist (?) last year, thus I decided to design the ‘Thinking Cap’.
This one’s for you, Ivan!


Last October, someone bought a Thinking Cap but then returned it. I just received an email from Cafepress, informing me that someone else has just purchased the Thinking Cap! Fingers crossed that this time the sale will go through!
I sold a Thinking Cap!
I’m only asking for a US$1 commission, which ain’t that hot, what with the falling US dollar. But still, it’s exciting to see a sale anyway.
You could say it’s a feather in my cap.


  1. Dinu

    Ah…haha…I see. 1 sale with a $1 commission in 1 year is not exactly cause for celebration eh? But yeah, I know how you feel 😉

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