My SXSW 2008 panels

Finally fixed up a [rough schedule for SXSW]( So far these are my shortlisted panels for Interactive and Film. My selection is mostly Interactive, since this is what I’m being sponsored to cover, but as my work is moving into film as well, I might attend a film-related panel, pop out to catch a screening or mingle with film makers if I feel brave enough.
As for evening events, I’m keeping my options open. I’ve been invited by [Baratunde]( to [Fray Cafe on Sunday]( [for Facebook users] – that one is a must-see.
As with previous years, I hope to meet new friends, rekindle old friendships and soak in the geek + creative culture!
Also, I am really so, so looking forward to staying again with [Kristen]( and Mark, and of course, seeing baby Alexander!