On MT 3.3

Sixapart have released version 3.3 of Movable Type, the blog software that I use.
Looking at the new features, I’d say tagging is my favourite, followed by activity feeds. The widgets and templates need to be tried out. New blog styles would be handy to those not so familiar with CSS.
I wish I could see some official screen shots, though. I’m curious to see if they added more AJAX and WYSIWYG editing.
Corporate users of Oracle (you know who you are) will rejoice, knowing that the MT 3.3 Enterprise edition is compatible with your database. If that doesn’t convince you, a 45% promotional discount may help.
However, there is a change in the licensing scheme.
It sounds good that personal (free) licence users can now have as many authors and blogs. However, paid personal users (like myself) are now limited to a year of support, after which I presume we must renew it.
MT support is becoming a bit like AppleCare. While I most likely won’t need the support (just as most of the time my iPod doesn’t act up so badly that I can’t fix it myself), I wonder why couldn’t they just give us the MT support throughout.
Maybe I’m just nit-picking. It’ll be just a matter of time before my fingers get itchy and I upgrade to 3.3.
Update: I caved in, and upgraded.