There are many things I want to say.
But I don’t have the time, or the shot isn’t mine
to call.
I’ve tried different paths
And yes, we’ve shared some laughs
But sometimes I wonder if these things
count at all.
God has a plan, I keep telling myself
and whatever I’ve been through
will make me stronger.
Stronger. I’ve prayed with this word
more each day
for the past year
and have nothing left
but tears
Things I asked for, He gave, more or less
but I still wasn’t happy –
as you can guess.
I used my Gifts,
I tried to please;
I struggled
while others passed with ease.
I once tasted freedom, and flew like the wind
And then things came crashing down
into the bin
All I can do now is pray
the same words, in the same vein
I say it over again and again
Late night poetry. I haven’t written stuff like this since I was in school. Probably needed the right mix of angst and creative repression.