Geek happenings

This Monday I was hit by the stomach flu, with chills, aches, diarrhoea and a general loss of appetite. The loss of appetite has persisted up to today. So what geeky things have been keeping me up at this unearthly hour?

  1. Preparing my presentation slides for the HP Alumni.
  2. Making preparations for my SXSW trip. Travel arrangements. And panels, panels, panels! So many to choose from, in a short space of time!
  3. Organising some work stuff. Am getting quite fastidious about tidy workspaces, even on my Windows desktop. But was tickled to read about the British Government’s attempt to add black tape on civil servants’ desks.
  4. Looking out for new mashups and discovering LiveWorkPlay, where a group of Bristolians are keeping track of what they’re doing in their everyday lives! (such fond memories of my University days there)
  5. Wednesday morning was first spent gloating over the second consecutive Arsenal win at Anfield. I have nothing against Liverpool, in fact I think they’re generally nice blokes except for Craig Bellamy who is still rather talented, but it showed that the young Gunners have promise.
  6. Finally I decided to take the plunge and check out the iPhone. At US$499 (4GB) or $599 (8GB) it’s a good deal compared to other PDA phones, considering its software features, ease of use and sheer beauty. I would ignore the cynical comments made in the meantime, because the real trial is when the product comes to the shelves and we actually get to use it.
  7. [Bleah. Sorry to readers who received a garbled combination of points 5 and 6 earlier on. One annoying thing about my laptop is that it doesn’t lock the touchpad when I’m typing, so sometimes with a swipe of my wrist I select and unwittingly erase a block of text as I type.]


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