Wonky Microsoft keyboard

Just a few days ago, I blogged about buying a new Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse set. Alas, within a couple of days strange things started happening to them. First, the mouse kept turning off. Then the keyboard’s F11 button, which looks ever so slightly more depressed than the other keys, kept on getting activated.
Most likely there’s something wrong with the circuitry, causing the slightest vibration to activate the F11 command.
I had a real HEADACHE reading off my web browsers, both IE and Firefox. Imagine you’re looking at some text… and suddenly, the window expands to full screen mode. Then before you know it, it goes back to normal.
Then it expands again!!
And if reading from that screen can give a headache, try TYPING on it, or clicking on items in your list of emails. I kept opening the wrong emails because just as I poised my mouse over the right link, the browser would expand and I would click on the wrong email. Bah!
I got so fed up that I’m taking it back to South Asia Computer on Monday evening. I will update everyone on how well they handle returned goods.
To prove my case to them, I also shot this video.

[I’ll correct my own English: In the heat of the moment, I said the F11 key was ‘spoilt’ – as a glass of milk would be, but certainly not hardware. Let’s settle for ‘not working properly’.]
[Update: I was putting the keyboard back into its original packaging when I realised the receipt said that all goods sold are not returnable or exchangeable. I’ll give the computer store a call first to confirm this. I really dread calling a Microsoft service centre for help.]
[Update #2: This sucks. I go to Microsoft Singapore. I click on “All Products” on the left nav bar, and get redirected to this error page. What the… I’m bracing myself that the store won’t help me, and neither will Microsoft Singapore.]


  1. Kevin

    You sure it’s the keyboard, or is it you not getting enough sleep? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Looks like you’ve got a lemon. This is one reason why I love being in the States. Given the gadget fetish I have, I really cannot stand having no product exchange or return policy. Singapore’s consumer rights is next to zilch. And most electronics cost more here. Bah! ๐Ÿ™

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