Grand Canyon

Standing at the Grand Canyon
A belated pic of me at the Grand Canyon!
Photo taken by a kind gentleman called Steve, who lives near a very serene region in England called Heathrow Airport.
BTW if you think the rocks behind me are within reach, think again.
They’re half a mile away.
ps. Anyone know of a great web-based photo management system? It should be fairly user-friendly, sort pics out by categories or date, convert pics to thumbnails (my server has Image Magick) and preferably have different access levels for outsiders and close friends/family. Of course, I could just use MT3.0, can’t I? 🙂


  1. Queenie Her Majesty on High

    oh wow! cool pic and you look very happy there. Cheeky me felt like using the tip of my pinkie to “tingk!!” try and flick your tiny figure over the rocks…into the canyooooonnnnnnn….
    Can’t help u there with photo management…I’m very simple only…

  2. Liza Ng

    PhotoStack is pretty much user-friendly and converts images to thumbnails but doesn’t have the different access levels feature you’re looking for. As for sorting pictures by category or date, I don’t think it can do that but you might find the albums and picture level EXIF date extraction features useful for something close to that.
    Hope I might have helped,
    – Liza Ng

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