Day 3 – Gadget hunting

Slept in late, then went to the Apple Store at Glendale Galleria just to get a feel of what it was like outside of Singapore. Let’s say the service is better and the product range is greater. Went to Brookstone two doors away to look at more gadgets. Went back to my relatives’ place to help the folks with some internet stuff.
Finally I went to Fry’s in Burbank… because I can never stop looking at gadgets! They had this funky entrance with an alien spaceship. However, no photos were allowed inside. No bags were allowed either! However they didn’t even have a proper locker system. Just a security guard standing around, with customers’ bags on the floor, at his feet! Er, what if someone distracts him and snatches a bag away?? I put my bag in the car boot and went back into the building. I selected a few items but the queue at Fry’s was so long, we’re going back in the morning tomorrow to beat the crowd.
We had dinner at a Shanghainese restaurant, supposedly the best in the area, recommended by a top Chinese banker living here. Met up with one of my mum’s best friends and her family. We go back a long way, which explains how we blatantly overate, made silly jokes and ended up back at their place, singing karaoke. It ended pretty neatly with me playing a duet with their daughter, Adela. We did Corcovado and Girl from Ipanema, me on piano and she on trumpet with some improvisation. Not bad for a Grade 9 girl (equivalent to Secondary 1 in Singapore)!
Erk! I’ve been sleeping at 2+am LA time every morning because I’ve had to update this blog, caption and upload new photos. Will be keeping my updates short because there are a lot of things I haven’t done yet. Will write more, when I have the time.
I won’t reply to emails either, especially if detailed answers are required. Will do my best to reply later.
Tomorrow will be laundry day, and meet-remaining-members-of-the-family day. It’s also my last full day in LA before I head to Austin, Texas. Where did the time go?!?


  1. Lisa

    you’re in lalaland!
    yeah, Fry’s and its flying saucer is so kitsch. ironic as it actually houses up-to-date electronic stuff.
    have fun!

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