Pre-Chinese New Year to-do list

Things I have to do:

  1. Pack for my Chinese New Year trip to Chiangmai
  2. Call up the travel agent to ask why I have an extra stopover en route to SXSW
  3. Call up the Apple Store to find out how come my Apple Keyboard and iPod radio controller haven’t arrived, despite the online records saying it was delivered 2 days ago (I suspect dodgy delivery or untrustworthy neighbours)
  4. Upload all the photos sitting in my camera (once I get a new keyboard for my G5 Mac)
  5. Upgrade to Mint 2.0
  6. Upgrade to MT 3.34
  7. Finish reading all the marketing and trends books I’ve been reading halfway
  8. Clean up my desk further (both at home and at work)


  1. Wilson

    Don’t know if you care for this level of detail but since you’ve been to Austin, you’ll know that because Austin is not a big hub, most flights from LAX to AUS will have a stopover. If connection times permit, there are a couple of direct flights (on AA I believe) that your agent might be able to source out. Safe travels.

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