What I’ve been up to

A short list on what I’ve been up to, of late.
**Reducing clutter:**
– Unsubscribing from some mailing lists that send emails I’ve lost interest in reading
– Filtering other emails and archiving them immediately, so my Inbox looks less intimidating
– Throwing out old notes, putting in new notes.
– Eventually, scan my old handwritten notes and throw the paper versions away. Burn all my INSEAD notes onto a disc and frame it up (ha!)
– Deleting unwanted iPhone apps and adding new ones that increase my productivity.
**Applying for jobs:**
Times are hard, but I’m doing an MBA precisely because I wanted to enhance my career opportunities. Older folks are telling me to just take what’s offered already and go for stability; younger folks are telling me to pursue my dreams and choose something that can position me better. I’m making a move for a few positions and next week the big consulting firms will be visiting us, so things should get exciting very soon.
**Collecting spare change:**
Apparently I made US$9 on my blog advertising last month. It may not sound like much, but it’s better than expected, considering it involves pay per click and not just impressions and I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to. Thanks to whoever’s been visiting and clicking 🙂
**Making travel plans and a move to France:**
My next term starts in May in Fontainebleau. I and a fellow sister in Christ have found a little cottage to stay, along the River Seine. It’s nothing grand but more importantly I believe I’ll be in good company in a quaint neighbourhood.
Right before my move to France, I will be travelling through India on a study trip.
**Social stuff**
Attending lots of weddings this month. Roughly one a week. Phew! But this time I’m bringing my Mr R 😉 and in some cases, he’s bringing me.