Comical dream

I took out a big sports bag to store all my comics in. Now, I usually group my books by genre / character / series, but they got slightly rearranged with the repacking. So I was deeply surprised when I realised that ‘Rogue’ was now on top of the left stack, and ‘Gambit’ was on top of the right (the couple from X-Men had their own series each). I suddenly remembered a dream I had many years ago, when I had just started collecting comics. I was standing at the back of a car, loading stuff (at the time I didn’t drive a car so it was strange to me), and those exact titles were lying face up in my bag. I also dreamt that the movers’ truck was going back down the driveway, and that my mum also arrived.
This time, neither party appeared but it felt very real. Now, this is the most delayed incidence of deja vu I’ve ever had!
Back to packing. Sigh.


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