Second Life update: Lighthouse revisited

I’ve always liked lighthouses. The strong pillar that guided the ships. The bastion of light in a field of darkness. And now, someone’s living quarters in Second Life!
In the Lighthouse!
If I ever had to live in a lighthouse, I wouldn’t mind if it looked like this. (Note: A Mac with a large Apple display helps a lot)
Then I looked around me and realised it was a bit like Myst, the beautifully crafted game. There were clues as to the owner-creator’s identity. His website was on the Apple display. Mysterious letters were left on his table, in wingding format (which I couldn’t be bothered to sort out right now but maybe someone will, one day).
Looking back at the archives of this guy who presumably set up the Lighthouse, it turns out he is a virtual conservationist of the nearby forest of Kahruvel! He attended a wedding in Second Life between two spy characters, one whom I recognised from the pages of Mad Magazine.
Imagine that – protecting and restoring virtual forests, and attending virtual wedding ceremonies.
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