Loose cannons

Caught most of the West Ham v Arsenal match this evening, and my premonition was right: I could have done better things with my time. As much as I wanted to see the Gunners climb to the no. 3 spot in the Premier League table, they looked a pale shade of their usual selves. Thierry Henry has not been performing up to par. When Teddy Sheringham came on, I felt a sense of dread and seeing them score the last-gasp goal was bad enough.
At that point, we didn’t need to have the two managers scuffling. Earlier on, Referee Rob Stiles should have awarded Arsenal a penalty after Alexander Hleb was fouled inside the box. That would have changed the game. And who threw that coin at Robin van Persie’s head? Certainly not a penny for his thoughts.
It was a scrappy game, full of injuries, yellow cards and poor behaviour from the fans. I hope Arsenal shake this off and go back to their winning ways soon.
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