Man U v Middlesborough

In between my work and music, I finally got to watch some football tonight. Specifically, Manchester United v Middlesborough. At least I caught the first half.
Now I have nothing, absolutely nothing, against Middlesborough. I like to say they’re a team that’s lived up to their name, often staying somewhere in the middle of the League table (but that doesn’t say much for Leeds does it). In fact I do admire Gaizka Mendieta, whom I’ve been watching for quite a while, before the last World Cup in fact. He hasn’t disappointed in this match. His team has been defending pretty well in this match.
However, expectations at Manchester United must certainly be sky-high. They’re playing on home ground, fresh from a Champions League trouncing with a Wayne Rooney hat-trick… and no goals from the Wunderkind in this match yet!
Judging from his behaviour after Man United went a goal down, where he tripped a Middlesborough player from behind, I’d say he’s still a big boy but not yet a man. The black player fell to the ground, clutching his leg, and to top it off, Rooney bent over and whacked his head. Come on! The guy’s already down, and it was largely your fault. Is this how you behave when your team goes a goal down? All the talent in the world can’t stop you from losing your temper.
[At this point in writing, we’re 77 minutes into the game. I’m watching the BBC’s live text commentary. No other goals yet. Nyeah!]
In short: despite his amazing skills and tenacity, the kid has far to go. Oh, the next match I really want to catch is when Everton play Man U. Will they take sweet revenge, or will Rooney score against his old team and have Blues fans burning effigies of him?
[Oh! A goal by Alan Smith in the 80th minute! While watching the first half, I was wondering when they were going to put Smithy in. Smithy’s gorgeous. He’s going to steal the limelight from Rooney today. I so know it. BTW, you do know I’m celebrating because I’m a fan of Smithy and not Man U, do you?]
[Final time. So it’s a 1-1 draw. I’m glad at least another youngster, Stewart Downing, made his mark on goal. Rooney will have other days to call his own.]