Wimbledon snippets

I’m watching Wimbledon live, hence this late post. Was lukewarm to seeing Tim Henman make it past the first round. I felt his Finnish opponent put up a good fight but ran out of steam, which is kind of funny seeing how Tim is 7 years older than him.
It was disappointing to see one of my favourites, Justine Henin, get knocked out so early. Perhaps it is the ‘curse’ of the French Open – Rafael Nadal got knocked out of his first grass competition after his win, and Justine followed suit at Wimbledon.
I’m now watching Angela Haynes, small black girl, put up a big fight with powerful Amazon, Serena Williams. I quite like babyfaced Angela, even though I’ve never seen her before. She’s feisty, but I fear Serena’s experience and power will eventually prevail. It’s been an hour into the game and they’re still fighting for the first set!
Update @ 1.53am: Angela won the first set! What a match! I’m so psyched up I can’t sleep.
Update @ 2.00am: It looks like Serena’s back to her normal self. I’m going to sleep.


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