Sporadically down?

I’m having trouble accessing my website sporadically. Two days ago, my site was suddenly inaccessible. At the same time, my sister in Australia was also unable to access my website. After writing in to tech support, the site came back up again. Then tech support told me that when they accessed my URL, the site was already able to load. All systems seemed normal. I wasn’t getting an abnormally high number of visitors or anything.
Just 15 minutes ago today, the same problem occurred. Soon after writing to tech support, the site went back up again. I’m wondering – have you readers have encountered similar problems accessing my site?
Update 5/11/06: OK, my web host asks if those who have problems accessing my site, could run a traceroute. If you don’t mind, here are the instructions:

For Windows users:
1. Click Start, then Run, type cmd and click OK.
2. Type tracert vantan.org and hit enter.
For Mac users:
1. Open Finder, go to the Applications folder, than the Utilities Folder.
2. In the Utilities folder, launch the Terminal application.
3. Type traceroute vantan.org and hit enter.

When I ran my Traceroute, there was a long time lag between Starhub and Sprint.net. When I tried to access Sprint.net, the website was inaccessible. Let me know if you notice a bit lag in any of the servers when it’s being pinged.


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