I’m making changes to this blog. A lot of broken links will occur. Please ignore the rest of the site for now. Thanks.
I tried to move everything to dynamic publishing but it didn’t work. That htaccess file killed access to my entire site. I’m frustrated and I don’t have time, ability nor a strong enough interest to pursue this any further at the moment.
What’s more, by switching to dynamic mode for my archives, my original archive pages’ file names were prepended with a ‘.static’. After restoring everything back to static mode and rebuilding the whole site, the size of my archives has doubled because I now have two of everything (something like ‘pagename.php’ and ‘pagename.php.static’).
Oh, incidentally, yesterday afternoon my iPod somehow refused to display any of my songs, albums, playlists etc at all. This was bad timing because it happened during my jazz lesson, and so my jazz teacher couldn’t hear any of the music I produced, which was meant to be part of my homework. I reformatted VanPod, and loaded all the songs back into it. Thank God for Firewire.
Around the same time that VanPod misbehaved, my Nokia 6600 phone malfunctioned. After a few restarts and a re-insertion of the SIM card it seems to have gone back to normal.
My camera will apparently cost over S$200 to repair, and I will proceed with it, seeing how I paid several times that amount for it originally.
[Update: I successfully ran a script which closed all comments posted a month earlier. However my pages still gave the wrong impression that you could post comments. I did something with MTElse that was obviously wrong because the comment fields still show, and now all my pages are not XHTML compliant. I will fix it another time.]