Busy again

Well, I’m back to my busy phase. Got back from my holiday and had a few surprises when I checked my emails. May not bother replying to social emails. Work, work work.
Maid’s on a 3 week holiday, so after coming home late, I start doing housework. I watch the World Cup, fall asleep on the sofa, wake up sometime between 1-4am, change out of my work clothes and go to sleep.
Then the day starts again.
In between, I have band rehearsals and piano lessons to practice for.
No, I still have not registered the song I performed last July, with COMPASS. No, I still have not sent any music to Taxi for appraisals.
No, I have not met up with various people I’ve promised to meet up with. I have two more friends with newborn babies that I haven’t visited yet. Anyway, I’ve had the flu since I got back to Singapore, so it’s just as well.