After midnight

Weekends (Fri/Sat) are great for watching the World Cup, because I don’t have to go to work the next day. I’m blogging as Switzerland are playing Korea.
Park Chu-Yong received a yellow card and I told myself, “Switzerland look slightly better”. A minute later, Philip Senderos headed in a goal. However he collided with Choi Jin-Chul and both ended up with bloody faces. Both sides are currently making credible attacks, but the Swiss defence seems tighter.
The teams in this group are the closest in points so far (discounting poor Togo). If Switzerland win and France draw, then Switzerland and Korea will make it to the next stage. If Switzerland win and France win, Korea is out. If France fail to beat Togo, they don’t deserve to progress to the next stage anyway. They have more established players than any of the other three teams in their group. Excuses like “They’re getting old” and “Djibril broke his leg” will not be good enough.