Pain, puns and perusals

I’ve been a little out of action since yesterday night after suffering a relapse (?) of my spine ‘injury’. I certainly hope it’s only a pinched nerve and not a slipped disc or tumour. If the pain persists, I will need to go for an X-ray.
Anyway, that hasn’t stopped the puns and corn from rolling, even though it hurts when I laugh now. (ie, “Ha ha ha ha… ouch.”
Many readers who haven’t met me before, may not know that I like to pun people (family, colleagues, friends) to death. An uncle of mine told my cousins to start a new website, “” to record my quotes. It hasn’t been done yet. Anyway, here’s a sample from today:
– We were in a Japanese restaurant having Teppanyaki. I told one of my cousins, imagine if a waiter suddenly appears and shouts, “Samurai?” and we go, “huh?”, thinking we’re about to get our heads lopped off. The waiter repeats, “Samurai?” and we start to wonder if he’s referring to a sauce used in a former McDonald’s burger concoction. Finally, we’d realise he’s asking if we want ‘some more rice’. Evil!
– While still at lunch, my cousin decides to give up his only piece of oyster, to my grandfather. I told my cousin, “That’s really unshellfish of you.” (Hey, that’s really a hum-less comment!)
– Back home, I caught up on world news. For one, I find it sadly ironic that Turkey has been hit by bird flu. I’m not laughing at all about this – the affected area is near the City of Van!
In other news, I am valiantly attempting to finish reading several books which I started since a few months ago – all non-fiction. And another delivery from is coming soon.


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