The untimely demise of VanPod II and the rise of VanPod III

Just realised I’ve posted my 1000th entry (below). Hurrah.
Anyway, VanPod II went brain dead on Monday, when iTunes hung while attempting to add my gazillion new Christmas photos. I rebooted the computer, and VanPod II displayed a sad icon with a link to the support site:

Sad iPod

However, my attempts to follow the instructions were in vain. I had to get VanPod II into Disk Mode and run the iPod software updater. But even though VanPod II got into Disk Mode (as displayed on its own screen), when I connected it up to my Mac (using both Firewire and USB cables), it was not recognised. The final piece of advice was, if that didn’t work, send it for servicing.
It was just as well, as my sister’s own 4G iPod had trouble syncing with the family iMac.
So we went to AppleCentre Orchard’s service centre. It was extremely busy. We took a number and waited for 40 minutes, until it nearly reached closing time. Alex, the guy who examined my iPod, asked me if my unit was still under warranty. I said yes, in fact it was bought just a month before the video iPod came out. Aiyoh, he teased, I should have waited … At which point a flurry of excuses came to mind:
1) My old iPod had broken down and I just couldn’t wait for the new models to come out
2) Apple was in denial at the time that they were releasing video iPods
3) I barely watch movies and hardly own any DVDs … so what’s the point?
4) on hindsight, the new iPods didn’t have the extra functionality in their headphones jack at the top of the iPod. I could still carry over my old accessories from the 3G to the 4G iPod, such as the voice recorders and remote control.
But I didn’t bother arguing, because I was at his mercy at that point in time! 🙂
It turned out, however, that he needed to see my receipt before he could send it for servicing. Strange … My sister had called the store earlier and they had told her that no receipts were required. We had purchased both our 4G iPods from this store.
Fortunately, the cashier at the other side of the store was able to print out a copy of my receipt from their database. I signed a service form and had to acknowledge scratches all over VanPod II, including a chipped base.
They told me it would take two weeks to repair this unit, due to the holiday season. Fair enough.
This afternoon, I received an SMS from AppleCentre Orchard, saying that my unit was ready for collection. Much earlier than expected. Which, I hoped, meant that my old unit was irreparable and they decided to give me a new one. I headed there after lunch, took a number and waited in line.
My hunch was correct!! They gave me a brand new iPod photo (no, not video – you wish!). I commented, “So … you guys still have stock in iPod photos!” The girl smiled and said it wasn’t from this store, they were just franchisees. The new iPod came from Apple headquarters (in Singapore?). I had absolutely no issues with getting a new iPod, of course. After that, I contemplated getting AppleCare to extend the coverage period, in case anything happened again.
The new iPod is, very creatively, named VanPod III. I pondered over ‘VanPod IIb” but I don’t think that sort of thing happens in real life to royalty.
VanPod III will continue to be wrapped in the original plastic sheet until I find a proper case for it. In a way, it’s almost like compensation for being bluffed by another AppleCentre Orchard employee who told me wrongly that the old 40GB iPod dock could accommodate the 60GB iPod photo. Following his advice resulted in the base of VanPod II being scratched all over.
Whatever the case, I’m not gonna scratch up this new baby.
I got home but found there was a hiccup – iTunes kept on hanging! I was worried that it would damage VanPod III and I wouldn’t get a replacement again. Fortunately, after swapping the new USB cable with my old Firewire cable, things went back to normal.
VanPod III syncing via Firewire
Connected to Firewire. On the right is the USB cable which didn’t work.
As I’m typing, iTunes is halfway through synchronising my collection of 7000 files to VanPod III. It’s transferring one song per second – I really can’t complain about that.
Tomorrow, I will endeavour to wake up at 6.30am so I can help my friend bully her groom as he attempts to enter her home.


  1. tiggie

    hurrah to new VanPodIII! gosh that’s wonderful isn’t it?
    7000 files?! my! maybe i really should get a mac afterall… hmmmm

  2. monoceros

    Yay to the new VanPod! =)
    Any tips on how to bully grooms? Will have to do that on Sunday. Still looking for a stripper for hen night party. I don’t suppose the Yellow Pages lists those.

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