Backup quandary

Good news: Apple launches Mighty Mouse without a tail. Nice!

Not so good news: I’m currently in a software and hardware quandary.

My Dopod needs a ROM upgrade, or else it will randomly reboot when I least expect it to, and it often fails to detect my SD card even when it is properly inserted.

However, when I do the ROM upgrade, it will wipe out all the programs I installed, and my Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.

I cannot back these up on my Mac, because I am running OS 10.3.9 with the Missing Sync Software. The Missing Sync has just released version 2.5 which works with Windows Mobile 5.0, which the Dopod is running. However, The Missing Sync 2.5 only works with OS10.4.

I would like to back up my Dopod’s data on my dad’s PC laptop, which I’m already using to install programs via ActiveSync. However, to back up Calendar, Tasks and Contacts, I need Microsoft Outlook. Yep, you’ve guessed it – we don’t have Outlook on that laptop. It doesn’t work with Outlook Express.

So it looks like I should just upgrade my own Mac’s operating system. But as WWDC is round the corner, I don’t think it’s worth paying a few hundred bucks to upgrade to OS10.4+ now.

So either I tolerate my Dopod’s eccentric behaviour for a couple more weeks, or manually copy all the new items i’ve added to my Dopod for the past few days, into iCal and Address Book.


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  1. Mr.Yap

    You can save yourself from such sanity, do consider an analog pda – paperbased note book.

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