The past two weeks, I…

Travelled to Spain (Granada, Valencia, Cuenca, Madrid) and Thailand. Saw 2 world heritage sites in Spain. Had 4 massages in 2 days in Bangkok before flying back to Singapore.
Decided to look up an English friend from Bristol whom I haven’t seen in over 10 years, and drop her a note. Delighted to hear back from her. Now thinking of getting back in touch with a couple other nice Brits.
Confronted a thorny issue head on, emerged with some bruises but am recovering with thicker skin. After cooling-off time was given to consider my suggestions, I found that some of my words were taken into consideration, so it wasn’t too bad after all.
Over time, I’ve noticed it’s funny how I can hint that someone’s displaying a behavioural problem, but that person thinks I’m referring to ‘other people’ and agrees with me that they do have a problem – without pausing to think about themselves. This happens more often with people who have enjoyed positions of authority, as they have increasingly fewer counterparts who are in a position to tell them off, and staff will usually not argue with them. Maybe, though, in the long run, letting them depersonalise the issue by viewing it as a third party is a better way at leading them towards self-realisation!