Upgraded to MT 3.2

This is my first post using Movable Type 3.2! Woo-hoo.
Most obvious changes are further tweaks to the user interface, and nifty way of upgrading. All you need to do (after carefully uploading lots of files and folders in the right transfer modes, is log in and they’ll do the rest for you.


  1. Lucian

    My homemade PHP script for listing Comments kaplunked on me. Had to rewrite. I also accidentally overwrote my plugins directory.

  2. ady

    I found that I got errors with comments posting. So I had to upload my old comments.cgi file back up to ther server again to resolve the problem. 🙁 My upgrading process didn’t go too smooth either. *sigh* I reckon at some point my site will break.

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