Easter Sunday

Had a great service this morning. The church was packed full – to the point where we could barely stand without knocking into someone. Children were made to answer some basic questions about Easter, and as always, their answers were honest, candid and surprisingly accurate – apart from a comment that bunnies laid eggs.
Back home, as I re-launched my site this afternoon, it suddenly occured to me that this was a significant moment. My old server was subject to occasional taunts, insults and abuse by spammers. Eventually, one attack caused my account to be suspended last week. My friends (hosted on my account) and I stood innocent but were made to pay for others’ crimes.
I found a new home with a new web host. Over the weekend, I kept late nights (early mornings, 4am to be precise) moving databases, files, and waiting for the domain name servers (DNS) to point to the new server. Since the site was down, I decided to do some housekeeping. I also decided to upgrade my friends to MT3.2 – a new body, capable of more powerful things. And I figured out how to reduce attacks on the trackback file (I think).
Finally, I published my home page. Resurrection!!!


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