Mac stuff

Being confined to rest (mostly) at home today, I upgraded both the iMac and PowerMac to iTunes 4.9, and entered the world of Podcasting. So far so good, the only thing limiting me is download speed and VanPod’s capacity.
VanPod, in the meantime, threw a tantrum and rebooted constantly while docked. This was after it took eons to complete a self-scan (CD/magnifying glass icon). Checking an iPodlounge forum thread, I ran Disk Utility and put an end to the madness … for now.
Those new colour iPods sure look good. Mmm. *Wishes VanPod died, again*
But there are other gadgets higher up in priority. Like my PowerMac’s RAM upgrade. The family package upgrade licence to Tiger (OK, I just want the widgets and bragging rights). The compact Ixus 7 megapixel camera (because it is not glamorous lugging around a black bulky prosumer Olympus C5050 while wearing an evening gown and heels at a posh wedding dinner). A whimsical upgrade to Reason 3.0 which sounds really kickass. After all these things, comes the colour iPod.


  1. Jia

    Hey Van! Not a comment for this post, but for one of your little links on the right. You can get one of the T-shirts from the Defunker site at, a S’pore site. Just thought I’d let you know 😉
    PS That colour iPod does look really good, I want one too!

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