New Apple accessories

While waiting to watch a French movie at Orchard Cineleisure earlier this evening, I popped by the iShop run by Club 21, and picked up two accessories: A silicone cover for my new wired Apple keyboard, and the Griffin iKaraoke.
The clear XSKN cover was a real pain to extricate from its tightly sealed, hard plastic casing. However, the moment my hand made contact with the product, I realised the actual ‘skin’ was very, very soft. It fit perfectly onto my keyboard and I’m able to type on it. I’m doing it now in this blog post, in fact.
Only thing is I wished the silicone cover had markings representing each key, as its opacity makes the markings on my keyboard harder to make out. Apparently their newer ‘Pro’ models, which are also more expensive, have markings on each key. Costs nearly double the price, in fact.
I have yet to try the iKaraoke… that alone will deserve an entry on its own 😉


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