Dreaming of a Happy Ending

Today I dreamt that Tears For Fears was coming to Singapore. I attended the concert with my dream-friends. After the concert, the organiser came over and said if we passed her our CD covers, she’d get Curt and Roland to sign them.
I wanted to bonk myself over the head for not even thinking of getting their autographs. I told myself, nevermind, next time they come to Singapore I’ll be ready.
Somehow, my dream fast-forwarded to their return leg concert, which I also attended. Again, we were asked for our CD covers Suddenly I realised I didn’t think of bringing any again. This time I didn’t want to give up. I rummaged through my bag and dug out the back cover of a brochure, and went right up to Curt and Roland who were sitting at what looked like a press conference. However I never got their autographs, because I woke up shortly after.
This evening we had a sudden change of dinner plans and we ended up dining at a different building. After dinner we went to a neighbouring minimart – and smack in the middle of their magazine shelf was a new-look issue of MusicTech, a UK Publication. And guess who was on the front cover?
Roland and Curt (right) on MusicTech magazine, July 2005
Roland and Curt!!!! The main story was about all the music equipment they used to produce their latest album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (which is really really good and I got my copy at HMV if you can’t find one). Another blurb on the cover asked, “Mac OSX Tiger – Should you upgrade?” The magazine was new, the free CD was intact (sometimes people rip it off) and it was calling out to me (“Buy me. Buy me.”) So I did.
It’s totally bizzarre. Oh well. I got to see a few cool pics of them chilling out in the studio. They used enough equipment to start a music shop! And interestingly, they used Reason among other types of software. Hmm.


  1. Queenie

    Girl! What you been eating for supper, eh?
    Cool dream. How uncanny.
    Now, how come Bjork never appears in my dream?
    Enjoy your mag 🙂

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