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I'm now an Arsenal red!
I’m now an Arsenal Red! Yeah.
My family is planning to watch an Arsenal home match, at the Emirates Stadium itself. Hopefully we can get tickets for the big, final derby against Chelsea in May. I know a few of you out there have gone to watch the live action, so do you have any tips for us?
Scalper’s rates are 300 quid for each ticket, apparently. Surely there’s a more affordable way of getting a few seats?
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  1. sggooner

    Hey Van,
    You do know how to choose a good game. A couple of us are planning to head up there for the same game too.
    It’ll be really tough to get face value tix unless you know someone who knows someone’s wife’s cousin’s husband’s friend. You get the drift. 250 (last year) – 300 quid is roughly the going rate for top matches (read Man Yoo, Sp*rs, Liverpool and lately, Chel$ki).
    Anyway, your red member card allows you a single tix. But only for you.
    My advice is to take your time and source for your cheaper tix. Just don’t take that risk to buy it outside the stadium from touts.
    Good luck!

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