Tune in, Kop out.

Imagine there’s a local lad who’s made good in the village. He was born and bred in the village, went to school in the village, and finally started work as a paper boy. He soon rose to manage the local newsagent’s, which grew and grew. His talent and enterprising nature made him rich and famous (by national standards) while the village expanded to become a town with his help. His business won awards and international acclaim.
Then he decided, after negotiations with the mayor and his landlord, that it would be commercially more viable to take his business out of town. Perhaps the rent was cheaper, the taxes were lower and the market was larger elsewhere.
Riots and protests ensue. Those who once called him a local hero, now call him a traitor despite the fact that he gave everything when he WAS working in the town. Despite the fact that other good businesses had also established themselves in the community by then.
Back to reality. If Stephen Gerrard wants to leave, let him leave. It’s his life. Being born in Liverpool, and having been at the Kop for more than half his life doesn’t mean he has to stay there forever.
If you wanted to leave your job for something you feel is better (even if others disagree), would you like being mobbed, panned, and slammed about it?
It’s hard to leave, as Captain of the team that won the Champion’s League. People thought there was a Part 2 to the Fairy Tale with a happy ending. Sometimes there isn’t.
You may notice that whatever reactions Wayne Rooney brought out in Everton fans, can now be seen in Liverpool fans (“Show them no Mersey!!!”) So look on the bright side. Maybe the rest of the team will become more united (bad pun). Maybe better players can now be bought. When one door closes, a few more open. Has anyone seen it that way?
[Update: So an exciting twist of events has occurred since I last drafted this post. I’m happy that Stevie’s finally made up his mind to stay. Now let’s hope he doesn’t change it too often.
ps. How could he ever think Liverpool didn’t want him? Silly boy. But that will teach whoever’s preparing the contract, to be a little more efficient next time. He’s a sensitive lad, eh!]