Now, that’s a Treble

A hearty congratulations to the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) for developing what is probably the Singapore Government’s first AAA-rated website.
Go on, take a look. It doesn’t look too bad either, contrary to what some might expect. Their site conforms to three international standards.
I attended the seminar organised by Design AFA and supported by the Disabled People’s Association today at Harbourfront Spinelli’s and it was a positive start. I can understand how Government agencies are targetted first, because it’s less likely that a private company here will bother to expend more time and money making their website accessible, where it is difficult to establish an increase in return on investment.
We live in exciting times.


  1. acaseofyou

    my company is now asking me to take care of this website project, and we outsourced it out to 2 schoolkids who may or may not know what they are in case they screw up, any tips/websites for me to improve on my company website?

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