Techy updates

Firefox revived

Yesterday I forwarded this BBC News article about how Mozilla browsers have taken 7% of the browser market share at Internet Explorer’s expense, to my boss and team-mates. Happily, a team-mate backed me up and suggested we needed these browsers in the course of our work. Even better, my boss said he had just discovered Firefox a month ago, installed it at home and found it better than IE!
So we’ve requested the IT department to install Firefox as well as Opera on our systems (fingers crossed). We’re the Internet team, after all. We do need to test out our web pages on our own PCs.

Farewell to my playlists

Last night, while iTunes was playing, my G5 hung (it hangs every other day now, which is very irksome). So I force rebooted the system.
When I started up my G5 again, iTunes was blank. Zilch. No playlists, no songs! Fortunately the music files, nearly 5000 of them, were still in the same folder on my hard drive. I managed to import them all back in. But the iTunes database file was corrupted, and importing the iTunes XML file didn’t do anything except add a ‘Shuffle’ playlist which was blank. Importing it again just duplicated that playlist.
As I don’t have time to figure out how to restore a corrupted database file, I’m just going to close my eyes and hit the ‘Update Songs’ command, and watch my song ratings, playlists, and play counts disappear.


  1. Frederik

    I’m so sorry to hear about your G5 hanging all the time. Mine never ever does. It’s a dual 1,8 with 1Gig RAM. A friend of mine had a crashing G5 like yours, but it turned out his outlet store had installed some third-party RAM memory. He turned it in for genuine Apple RAM et voila: no more crashes and hang ups.

  2. vantan

    Thanks Frederik. Unfortunately, my 1GB of RAM was entirely Apple’s. Assembled at an Apple Store.
    I’ve installed a lot of professional music production and design software on my system, so there is potentially conflict in some area there.

  3. vantan

    Yes I did the firmware update, before I received your emails actually. No noticeable difference to my system performance though. Thanks for asking.

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