More band names

Help. I still haven’t chosen a band name and the concert flyers etc are being printed very, very soon. We don’t even have a poster, unlike the rest of the bands, because even though we’ve taken photos, we don’t have a name!!!
These are suggestions I’ve just emailed my band members:
Revival (which is how I see our rehearsals as things are just getting better! Also a more subdued reference to the Resurrection which is something we all believe in. As for my initial suggestion, Episcopalians, that’s out now. Don’t know what came over me. Yeurgh.)
Funktion (err but we gotta sound more funky first). Or add on, Funktion Four. But then we may have a saxaphonist joining after the concert … change Four to Five later? At least we keep the alliteration.
Big Ben Band … because the best-known member is our bassist who happens to manage the school. (ie. Don’t play play)
Three Men and a Lady…
Take Four. (Later if more members are added, we can change this to Take Five, Take Six, and if we’re all not around, TakeAway) I like this one … it emphasises we do jazzy stuff and we are a relatively small band compared to the rest of the bands in our music school.
The ___ Quartet (insert name. I’d like to use my own since I’m supposed to be the leader. Then again, I’m the youngest, probably the newest student, and also female. It feels weird. Then again, I’m sure Sade didn’t feel weird. But Sade’s Sade and I’m just … me.)
Fusze. Emphasis is on fusion. Sounds kinda … electronic.
DeFunkt. When we are out of fashion.
PhazzJazz. (Trying too hard am I?)
May The Fours be with you!!! (Return of the Jazz-Di?)
[Update: After some deliberation with the band, I have chosen Take 4!]


  1. airhole

    How about
    Kwar That!
    Escape Establishment
    Funky Jam and Some Bread
    Skunk Funk
    Djangy Suits
    i dunno.. just the top of my head.. 🙂

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