Vexed in Vegas

Grr! Buying tickets to Vegas shows is a pain.
Some sites don’t think there are any other countries in their dropdown menu except for USA, Canada and Mexico. Another site actually remembered to include Japan. (Go, Asia! Go!)
I also felt mighty uncomfortable after hitting the submit button and ending up with an error page.
I also do not like the fact that I am forced to enter a US number where the fields prevent me from keying in extra digits. My telephone number will therefore be incorrect.
Slightly troublesome are page which disappear once you try to go ‘back’ to change something. Another site had the ‘submit’ button on the left, and ‘reset’ on the right – I nearly got them mixed up.
Oh, and these people drive on the wrong side of the road, too 😛


  1. tiggie

    actually… it’s the brits and her many colonial ‘decendants’ that drive on the WRONG side….the rest of the world seem to have gotten it Right-ish

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