Things that happened in the past day

The Catholic Church, and the rest of the world, lost a great leader today. I think the Pope did the best he could in a world of turmoil, as a faithful servant of Christ. Now we have to wait and see who the new Pope will be.
My Vicar announced he is stepping down from our church. Came as a slight surprise to me. We too are waiting to see who the new Vicar will be.
And I’ve officially left my Bible Study group. I think I’ll take a break from any sort of bible study gatherings for a while. Anyway I’m busy three days a week with Alpha. I had great memories of my first Alpha and I hope this time will be as good – no judgments made, everybody welcome, no pressure, we’ll try our best to answer your questions but ultimately, it’s entirely up to you.


  1. kristen

    wow. LF stepped down? let me know what happens next.
    i’m glad to hear you’re helping out at alpha. i’m sure you’ll be great at it, especially with a little help from the Big Man. :o)

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