Baptism anniversary

I just realised today’s 6 April. I was [baptised]( 5 years ago, to this day. And it’s also a Sunday today!
Baptism is the outward sign by which I show my commitment to Christ. However it is what’s inside that is more important – not how many ceremonies you’ve gone through.
My journey so far has had its ups and downs. Not surprisingly, it’s when I myself am feeling down, that I am closest to God. The past two years have been emptier for me but I hope to be able to commit more time to learning His Word and helping people again.
I recall inviting many friends to witness my baptism, like Van Heng, Queenie, [Kristen]( and Mark (wow, this was just before they got married!), Shins, Denyse, Gwen, [Alison](… thank you all.
God last spoke to me at SXSW07 regarding His plans for my life partner, but I am waiting to see if it is coming true! You can help me by asking Him for a confirmation – I can furnish trusted friends with more details. I don’t subscribe to false hopes, but let’s say the only other time He announced His matchmaking plans to me was when two new bible study mates, Pei Chin and Roy, met for the first time and shook hands… and now they’ve been married for a few years. So I am taking this seriously 🙂


  1. monoceros

    Five years already. Wow. It was an honor to be there, Van. Ah, I see we really need to catch up soon. =) Plenty to share over a meal or dessert or tea.

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