Delightful books

A package arrived today – from I ordered three books from them and it arrived a week earlier than expected – all in mint condition (that earns brownie points).
It all started off when I got roped in as the pianist for our forthcoming company production – a musical farewell to our much-loved CEO. (Have you ever been in a large organisation where nobody says anything bad about the CEO because she is genuinely respected and well-liked? I just have. It’s an amazing feeling.)
We heard she likes Broadway music, so to make my job easier, I ordered The Definitive Broadway Collection. I also picked up Edward De Bono’s classic book, Six Thinking Hats, and for lighter reading, ‘Here Speeching American‘, which is a collection of very bad (and funny) English used around the world. You’d think all they’d have was what you’ve already seen in emails … well there’s lots more heavy-duty stuff you haven’t seen, and I’ve nearly split my sides laughing!
Here’s a sampler. (Pardon the US spelling)
One of several funny Hong Kong kung-fu lines:
“Yah-hah, evil spider woman! I have captured you by the short rabbits and can now deliver you violently to your gynecologist for a thorough extermination.”
Communist Chinese hit songs:
“Mother, I want to Go to the Mountainside and Harden Myself with Physical Labor”
“Last Night I dreamed of Chairman Mao”
Which reminds me of today’s Straits Times report that some art museums aren’t writing good descriptions for their exhibits. Well, here’s a caption from a Malaysian museum about a Van Gogh painting:
“The painting, Wheatfield with Crows, probably painted before Van Gogh commited suicide.”


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    hi! i think i saw you at a talk today. wasn’t sure, so didn’t say hi…but if i see you next week, will wave. =)

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