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The server exceeded its 500MB capacity, my home page went blank, and I believe some emails bounced.
I’m in a trash-and-burn mood now. I just deleted my entire photo gallery – whether I have backups or not. However I might have to stop hosting other people’s sites on my account, because I might do some more reckless things to the server and that would impact their sites too.
Actually I feel like just hitting the ‘delete’ button, and rebuilding only my blog. Can’t believe so much junk accumulated on my site in a few years. Trash it! Just trash it all!!!


  1. james

    Where do you host this site? 500mb is too small for a multi-year blog with pics. I am new to blogging. I signed up with a host that gave me 4 GB with 60 GB bandwith. Maybe you should change your hosting company.

  2. James

    My host is westhost.com. You can check it out by going to well, westhost.com. I was introduced to this company by one of my students who is the webmaster of a non-profit organization. It is a US company in Utah. (That is what it said on thier web site, who knows.) The package that I use on does not exist anymore. They have some good deals on. Packages start from US$6.95 (really basic) to $25.00 (I think you don’t need that). Their value package is quite good. If you decide to use them, please quote me as a reference. (might as well get a freebie :>)) I will get one month free. They are quite helpful. (As least in Canada, I can phone them toll free.) The have also a chat help line and their email response is quite good. I know they host clients from Europe and beyond.
    BTW, you “contact” link gave me a 404 error. Otherwise, I would have sent you a email instead of a comment.

  3. James

    Don’t get too frustrated. You are too young to have high blood pressure. Maybe you should change to wordpress. It takes up less disk space and I found it easier to manage.

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